Easy Wireless With OpenSolaris

Developers at OpenSolaris are hoping to simplify network configuration with a new feature called Network Auto-Magic (NWAM).

Introduced back in February 2006, the project now features in the latest development snap-shot of OpenSolaris (Project Indiana). With recent improvements to wireless network support including WPA security, OpenSolaris aims to take this one step further and make network configuration as simple as possible.612300_1358664111.jpg

Having not had much luck with (out-of-the-box) networking on various Linux distros I wasn’t sure what to expect with OpenSolaris, which runs a different kernel to your average Linux distro. However, upon booting the Indiana Live CD I was immediately prompted to choose a wireless network to connect to! No hardware configuration, just one click, a quick type of my network password and I was connected.

NWAM likes ethernet too and will automatically choose a wired connection over wireless when available, making this a great tool for people on the move.

Download the Indiana Live CD >>>

Read more about NWAM >>>


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