Linksys Kiss Media Player 1600 makes out with Linux

I splashed out on a KISS 1600 media player the other day, hoping to stream music and videos from my PC to my TV in the living room. It ships with an application called PC-Link, which runs on your PC and streams your media over your network, but unsurprisingly this is Macindows only. Funny that, considering the Kiss 1600 itself runs Linux. Anyway, a quick search soon resulted in a few Linux applications that have been created to fill the gap. After almost-successfully trying PC-Link using Wine I settled on the cross-platform Kiss Now! from Nidaware. There are various other solutions available (see links below), but Kiss Now! is graphical, simple, and exactly what I was looking for. Most importantly, it works, but only after a little tinkering……


Install Kiss Now!

Firstly, make sure you have Java installed (sun-java6-jre package in Ubuntu and probably something similar in other distros). Then open up a terminal and follow the steps below…..
  • Create a kissnow folder in your home folder:

mkdir kissnow

  • Download Kiss Now!:


    • Extract the archive to your kissnow folder:

    tar -xvzf kissnow-linux.tar.gz -C kissnow

    • Create a script to simplify opening Kiss Now! Create a blank text document and paste in the following text, making sure to insert your user name where highlighted.

    #! /bin/bash
    # Kiss Now Script
    cd /home/yourusername/kissnow
    java -cp kissnow.jar com.nidaware.nap.App

    • Save it to your kissnow folder and name it kissnow (no extension).
    • Sort out permissions for the kissnow folder so the script can be run and settings in the program will be saved

    chmod -R 755 /home/yourusername/kissnow

    • Open/run the kissnow file from your file manager. Kiss Now! should be up and running! To start streaming local folders just choose the media type that you’d like to share then click the plus icon to add folders. To minimise Kiss Now! and leave it running just click the K icon in the system tray.
    • To add a shortcut into your Gnome menu just right-click your menu icon and choose Edit Menus then New Item. Insert /home/yourusername/kissnow/kissnow into the Command option, then fill in the rest as you wish. (The ‘K’ icon can be found in the graphics folder of kissnow)
    • The original downloaded package can now be removed from your home folder:

    rm kissnow-linux.tar.gz

    Happy Streaming!

    Two alternatives to Kiss Now!….




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